Apollo 17 Moon Buggy Photo Collage


Apollo 17 Moon Buggy Photo Collage

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From The NASA Archive

This image was made using photos obtained from the Apollo 17 Lunar mission. Astronauts were given specially designed Hasselblad cameras to document their work on the surface of the moon. Because of the unique location, art happened amidst the science.

About the Process

This final photo was the result of several images digitally stitched together. Because you really couldn't switch lenses on the fly, astronauts were taught how to make a several image collage. I assembled and blended the photos, allowing for some slight exposure variation which is inherent in the original files.




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The Apollo Archive is an amazing gift to the people of the world. All the photographs from each mission have been scanned and are available for download. As long as the photo doesn't contain an identifiable person, you can do whatever you want with the images. I choose to make a little art.