Bert & None

Fine Art Landscape and Still Life Photography



If you have questions, I have answers. 


Can i sell my work on your site?

In theory, yes. I would like to open up this site to other photographers  already with gallery representation, but want to share less formal work with their audience.

If your work is good, I'd like to see it. If I want to sell it on my site, I'll need to have it in my possession first so facilitate faster shipping and quality control. With that in mind, nothing bigger than 16x20. 

I'm not going to tell you how much your photographs are worth, but nothing over $300. 

My commission is 20% plus the cost of shipping. That seems pretty fair. 



What Processes do you use

The most common one is archival ink, which is a fancy way of saying "inkjet". This is the only printing process I use an outside vendor for because they do it better. I use Epson Cold Press matte paper. I think it looks real nice.

I also offer most images as platinum prints. This is my favorite method of working. I love the smooth tones and subtle color of this process.

I also offer cyanotypes. This is only for original in-camera negatives at the present moment. Still that's pretty cool


What do you look Like?

I am a sensitive artist. I wear a hat and glasses (they help me read things).