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Kris Graves

Kris Graves: Discovered Missing

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Kris Graves is an important photographer and his thoughtful, contemporary eye is one of the visual voices to keep on your radar.


We are in a relationship with the land. Kris Graves, a New York based photographer, makes images about that relationship. Using the spare setting of the Icelandic landscape, Kris focuses on the point of connection between humans and nature. Most interesting in these images is the role nature plays in the process of reclaiming human's attempt at permanence. All things that come from nature ultimately return to it.

Iceland has 30 active volcanoes on it. For the past 500 years, Iceland has produced one third of the world's lava. This means Iceland is constantly expanding. For Kris, Iceland is the perfect place to examine nature, relationships and change.

These images are not sentimental. Kris isn't in conflict with the process unfolding in front of his lens but invites us to engage with the world, as it is.