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"Open Studio" = Filene's Basement

Open StudioRon CowieComment

When I lived in Boston, I belonged to the Fort Point Artist Association. The Fort Point Community was, and is, one of the best communities for artists in Boston. Each fall, the Fort Point Open Studios was the time we all sold and showcased our work to the greater community and each other.

In every studio, there is a file or box of work prints. These images were for sale at reduced prices and not part of any formal collection. This was always my favorite box to dig around because some of the best ideas are the ones we discard. 

So, it makes sense to have a section of the gallery dedicated to this. Open Studio is the "Filene's Basement" of this gallery. Nothing here is perfect, but all of it was made with a sense of adventure and fun. Shopping here should have the same feeling

The photos in Open Studio were made with my cell phone of the actual prints I'm selling. It will be updated as often as qualifying new work becomes available. I hope you find something fun to buy.