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Gangster of Love

Gangster of Love

I grew up in the Midwest where oysters were considered quite exotic. When I moved to Rhode Island, I was taking pictures for Rhode Island Monthly. I was assigned to photograph Perry Raso, an oyster farmer in Matunuck, RI. He is the owner of the Matunuck Oyster Bar a terrific dining destination that serves the oysters from his farm.

Thus began my relationship with oysters. I was struck by their utilitarian beauty and subtle differences. The cultural stories that came along with this simple animal made the oyster project even more interesting.

I also was assigned to photograph an oyster story for Yankee Magazine

The oyster, surrounded by claims of improving sexual prowess, is a fun topic to play with. I began naming the different oysters based on pop culture metaphors and phrases. The titles are playful references to movies, song lyrics, and celebrities.

The project continues and I am currently collaborating with Salt Pond Oyster Farm owned by Dave Roebuck.

Oyster are not just pretty and good eating. They play a major role in sustaining and maintaining our waterways. So, I'm happy to have a growing body of work connected to helping the planet and local farmers. It is a great thrill to have oyster lovers from all over collect my prints.

So, thank you.