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30% to the House.

My name is Ron Cowie and I'm a photographer. I own Bert & None Gallery, named  after my grandparents Robert "Bert" and Lenora "None" (prounounced "Known") Cowie.

Normally, a gallery takes a commission from each sale to cover its operating expenses. This makes sense when the artist and the gallery are not one in the same. As of this writing, the only art being represented on the site is either my great grandfather's or mine. What's the fun in taking a commission from myself or a guy who died sixty odd years ago? It's no fun whatsoever. That's why I'm donating 30%  of each sale to charity. Making art is fun. Helping to save the world with that art is funner.

I have a problem with my art: it's not very controversial. I'm in love with beauty and actually make pictures as a form of mediation. My work is about connecting with the divine. It is about bearing witness to some form of grace. My best pictures are the ones where I let God point and shoot. I just set up the camera and listen. In this age where intellect and the ego are worshipped, perhaps that is controversial.

I've lost my mind.

I should be keeping every thin dime I make. I don't make enough as it is, I should wait until the business is a little more stable before I start giving away a portion of the proceeds. Charity begins at home, right? As a matter of fact, it does and, I blame my parents. They are the ones who demonstrated the importance of helping others. It was my mother who dragged me around in the car while she delivered meals on wheels. It was my father who tutored kids in school. They are the models. As an artist and a citizen it is my duty to do this. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it earlier. 

Brass Tacks

What kind of charities will I be supporting? Here are some general guidelines:

  • Cancer research. (Sloan Kettering, Dana Farber)
  • Feeding the hungry. (Food banks & Shelters)
  • Helping people stay out of prison and helping prisoners change their lives. 
  • Children's Health initiatives.
  • Education for disadvantaged kids. 
  • Any organization standing up for the little guy who is trying to stand up for himself and, getting static for it. 

So, there it is. Here's hoping it works.