Bert & None

Fine Art Landscape and Still Life Photography

Bert And None Gallery

(Who are they and what do they want from you?)

This is an oyster called  "Gangster of Love"

This is an oyster called "Gangster of Love"

My name is Ron Cowie and I named this gallery after my grandparents Robert (Bert) and Lenora (None “known”) Cowie. They were terrific people. 

This gallery is the home of unfinished portfolios, false-starts, photographic sketches, and wonderful beginnings. The work for sale here has no pedigree except I had fun making it. That has to count for something.

Bert & None is a virtual open studio.  Most items are under $100 because collecting art shouldn’t be a competitive sport. You shouldn’t have to starve to own art. Furthermore, everyone knows you get a discount when you buy from the manufacturer.

Some of my fondest memories as an artist come from participating in the Fort Point Open Studios. I sold hot dogs and used my work prints as advertising to drive traffic to my studio. It was less about “making a sale” and more about building community, connecting with friends, and goofing off with a camera. I want to create that same feeling on this website. With your help, that can be done.